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Worlds fastest Thunderbolt to USB Hub

10 USB Type-C connectors offer 3Amp (15W) charging and USB 3.2 Gen 1 data for each device.

Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports offer a 40Gbps upstream data pipe and daisy-chain port.

VESA mounting points on underside allow multiple mounting options.



Connect up to 6 TS3-C10 to a single host computer to manage up to 60 USB devices.


Up to 3A (15W) per port.


Simultaneously charge 10 devices.


Each of the 10 ports can transfer data at 5Gbps, making light work of transferring huge amounts of data.


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Charge four Type-C USB devices at up to 60Watts per port.

Our Type-C USB hub complies with Power Deliver (PD) 2 specifications and supports 15/27/45/and 60Watt power delivery at up to 3A.

Supports power role reversal and can charge the host computer as well if desired.



Up to 16 Type-C mobile devices can be charged and managed by connecting four PDSync-4 together to the host.


Provides up to 3A per port to PD2-compliant devices across all voltages, from 5 to 20 Vdc, giving up to 15/27/45 and 60 Watts of power by negotiation.


Four USB Type-C Ports and one host USB Type-C port.


Each port can transfer data at up to 480Mbps.