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Apple Mobile Device Automation

Apple Mobile Device Automation


Transform your iOS deployment.

Organisations who need the ability to share iPhone and iPad devices across employees for one or multiple use cases often encounter challenges in data privacy, manual effort to wipe and ready, and to create a smooth experience for shared mobile use.

Mobile Device Automation paired with Jamf Pro and Cambrionix enables you to provision devices out of the box, and restore them quickly to a known state in shared deployments. You will benefit from a customisable framework to deliver zero-touch provisioning workflows that 
increase efficiency and reduce human error.


With Cambrionix.


Data erasure.


Restore to known state.


Grab and go.

What’s included?

Mobile Device Automation includes the following services to streamline your iOS deployment:

  • Apple Provisioning Utility (APU)
  • Architect deployment by taking advantage of the latest device management tools, including Apple Provisioning Utility, Apple Configurator 2, Device Enrollment, Volume Purchasing, Jamf Pro
  • Clarify best practices using Jamf Pro for shared and one-to-one devices
  • Automate deployment to remove burden from IT and end users
  • Implement caching service to optimise bandwidth and speed up software updates and installation
  • Recommend the most suited Cambrionix product or solution
  • Coaching your team on maintaining and scaling the deployment solution
  • Deploy up to 100 iOS devices1


  • AppleCare for Enterprise
  • Mac computer with Apple Configurator v2.4 or later
  • Jamf Pro
  • Cambrionix

Mobile Device Automation delivers compelling automation services and meaningful outcomes for iOS deployments across a wide range of industries, including education, aviation, healthcare, and field services. Your project will benefit from best practice insights developed from deployment of tens of thousands Apple devices.

1 Aeon Earth will test the workflow and deploy up to 100 devices to validate efficiency and scalability. Onsite component is typically completed within one week. For additional devices or sites, a custom engagement can be provided. Subject to additional terms and conditions.



Education Intro




Traditional teaching methods had educators at the front of a room, teach and students absorbed — but there’s a better way. Schools can create an immersive and responsive experience with iPad and Apple Classroom. Students seek out information on their own, giving them the opportunity for deeper learning, not just surface learning that might be provided through direct instruction from a classroom teacher.

Too often, schools have hundreds or thousands of devices. In comes Mobile Device Automation, Jamf and Cambrionix to make sure you are prepped for the mass deployment and manage devices effectively and efficiently.


For shared iPad, do you need to wipe and setup — even clear passcode — the devices during school breaks. Despite the devices being on Automated Enrollment, there may be a need to provision Wi-Fi profiles.

Reduce IT’s workload and boost efficiency by letting us take care of such repetitive device management tasks so you can focus on other priorities. The MDAaaS (“Mobile Device Automation as a Service”) plan includes specialised service experts using world-class charging and syncing solutions from Cambrionix and Apple Provisioning Utility to provision your fleet. It’s faster and has zero human error.


Aviation Intro




The aviation industry is known to tap on iPad and custom apps to creatively cater for airport services, in-flight, aircraft maintenance and consumer use.

Pilots can use iPads with custom apps to replace masses of traditional paperwork including pre-flight planning, track number of hours flown to stay within legal limits, and even flight manuals. With in-flight Wi-Fi, pilots can even connect the iPads to it to receive updated weather reports, documents and updates during the flight.

Aircraft mechanics can use apps for instant access to airplane manuals, part numbers and inventory, maintenance history, and more, helping airlines to resolve mechanical issues faster, leading to reduced flight delays and lower costs.

Mobile Device Management service helps to standardise and speed up deployment of these iOS devices, ensuring the latest apps and information are in the hands of crews, and end of shift digital sanitisation.


Healthcare Intro




Healthcare providers are looking for ways to deliver faster, more personalised care to patients while improving communications within care teams. Patients want more control and a better overall experience. Imagine a world that allows patients to see their medical records, close the blinds and call a nurse – all from an iPad paired with an Apple TV. Absolutely possible.

Apple devices are changing lives in healthcare. With Apple devices at the center of the patient experience, healthcare providers can engage, educate and entertain patients, and transform the patient bedside experience as we know it today.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, healthcare workers are put at risk due to a global shortage of personal protective equipment, and patients are under intense isolation without their families. Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, offers a telehealth workflow to protect providers while still providing quality care and connectivity to patients.

APU and Cambrionix ModIT ensures a device is wiped at the end of shift, an update is installed and devices are charged before the readiness indicator lights up for healthcare workers. The Cambrionix ModIT is RFID ready, enabling check-in, check-out and secured locking option, achieving true Tap, Grab and Go.

Enable Touch ID or Face ID and let healthcare workers access their devices securely with minimal effort. Use cases for mobile technology in healthcare are endless. Enhance the ability to deliver efficient, high-quality care through the secured iOS platform at large scale for shared mobile devices with Jamf, Cambrionix and our Mobile Device Automation service.


Field Services Intro


Field Services

Field Services

Delivering on the promise of consistent and quality service in a safe manner is often the commitment from field services companies to customers. Companies are finding success in modern workplace through the adoption and integration of technology — many “lives and dies by technology”.

Today’s office has collaboration spaces, very few cubicles and employees spread out across the country or even world. In the field services industry, having teams spread across multiple sites is nothing new, but it comes with challenges that technology can help to tackle in order to bridge communication and collaboration between onsite and offsite teams.

Jamf’s ability to supply central management for iPad devices is the ticket to success. Jamf can handle inventory management, check on device status and deploy any updates to operating system needed without invading field services team’s work. In addition, any devices gone missing from work sites can be quickly locked down and even remotely wiped to protect company data. Jamf provided a smooth way to remain secure and to react quickly to the potential threats.

Most importantly for companies is Jamf allows them to deploy the latest manuals, checklists and surveys from a central location. Email settings and all needed apps can be deployed to newly enrolled devices for employee onboarding – a process that would have been much longer and more difficult for new employees that are remote. Onboarding is streamlined to scope by roles and responsibilities so that each role gets exactly what is needed when they go onsite.

Have hundreds or thousands of devices? You will benefit from our Mobile Device Automation service combined with Jamf Pro.