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JNUC 2020 recap

Quick recap from JNUC 2020.

You’ve done it again, Jamf Nation! Despite it being a virtual event, all 17,000+ registrants helped keep the community feel that we’ve all come to know and love – and make this year’s conference the largest yet!

As we put a bow on the Jamf Nation User Conference, note that the virtual platform will be live and available to you for the next two weeks. So, get as much out of these sessions as you can.

This also means that if you didn’t previously register, you can still gain free and instant access to 100+ sessions across all experience levels and industries.

Before you go, here are two key takeaways from this year’s event:

1. Jamf Nation continues to be the greatest community in high-tech

Jamf Nation members and the enterprises, schools and healthcare organizations they support are resilient and relentless in their drive to empower the employees, students, teachers, providers and patients they serve. Over three days, attendees heard and shared countless new workflows, best practices and stories of Apple success to ensure they had the know-how and tools to keep users, devices and networks connected, managed and protected. Case in point:

And these are only a few of the many!

2. Together, we are prepared for what’s next

Remote work, distance learning and telehealth are not going away any time soon (and quite possibly, may never go away). And we believe that’s OK. Jamf solutions are built to empower remote users with things like zero-touch deployments, telehealth workflows, virtual assessment apps and Remote Classrooms — which have now all become necessities.

Our Apple Enterprise Management platform will continue to add enhancements to ensure you have everything you need, when you need it, regardless of where your users are.

Thanks again for going on this journey with us. JNUC 2021 is slotted for October 19-21 in Orlando, Florida. As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, be on the lookout for more registration information as it becomes available.

As always, stay strong, stay safe… and carry on doing the incredible work you are doing, Jamf Nation.


Introducing Jamf ID

Jamf is excited to announce the deployment of Jamf ID to Jamf Nation. Jamf ID allows users to access both Jamf Nation and Training using one set of login credentials — a big step in providing a unified and seamless login experience.

In an effort to make this process as smooth as possible, this deployment with automatically migrate Jamf Nation users to Jamf ID when they log in to Jamf Nation. This means users that were logged in prior to the migration going into effect will need to log out and back in to their Jamf Nation account to be migrated.

For users that already have a Training and Jamf Nation account with the same email address, there is one extra step that requires them to update their password. Since there is a chance these users have two passwords for one credential, resetting the password will reconcile their conflict.

For Jamf Nation users that have Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect, or Jamf School subscriptions, this means they will have access to the Training Catalog with no additional steps. If you are one of these users, come check out the training catalog at

As a part of the seamless experience, we ensured that this process will not impact any past user data or activity. User profile and all Jamf Nation history and Training activity will be preserved, and no additional steps need to be taken to access this information.

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Accessibility features in the workplace

Every day children with learning differences and physical disabilities experience additional challenges at school. But unlike decades past, technology can help bridge the gap and allow every child the opportunity to thrive in the classroom. At this year’s Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC), one Jamf and two Jamf Apple admins from school districts shared how they personally overcome their challenges with dyslexia, blindness and executive function using the accessibility features of Apple technology.

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Scripting basics for everyone

Scripting helps simplify, automate and error-proof your Apple device management. This step-by-step guide, based on Bill Smith’s popular Scripting 101 for Apple Admins webinar, is written just for you and walks beginners through:

  • Why scripting?
  • How Terminal works
  • How commands work
  • How to fit basic commands into basic scripts
  • Scripting syntax basics such as commands, arguments and variables

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Jamf Pro 10.14.1 now available


Jamf Pro 10.14.1, a supplementary release that fixes an issue with macOS computers using Automated Device Enrollment (formerly called DEP). The release is available now in My Assets on Jamf Nation or by request through Jamf Customer Success. There will not be a mass cloud upgrade for this release.
Please note: If you are not using macOS computers with Automated Device Enrollment, you can ignore this release.

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Jamf acquires Digita Security

Jamf is largely known as an enterprise Mac deployment and management tool company and has always looked at ways to expand its core capabilities. It announced the acquisition of Digita Security, creators of enterprise-grade, purpose-built endpoint protection solutions designed to protect Mac users from malicious activities and threats, all while preserving the Apple experience users expect and love.

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Introducing Jamf Pro 10.14


Jamf Pro 10.14 has been released today with workflow improvements to brand new features, packed with functionality that will make your management life better and help you serve your end users more comprehensively:

  • Jamf Parent
  • App Request
  • Restricted software management
  • Certificate issuer targeting
  • SCCM 3.70.0
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