29 Jul 2020

Jamf releases Jamf Pro 10.23

29 Jul 2020

Jamf Nation is the largest community of its kind with over 100,000 users and the Jamf Nation user community is an integral part of how Jamf gathers and monitor user feedback.

Jamf listens closely to customer feedback and product enhancement recommendations. It’s a critical part of how the team continuously enhance the user experience across the Jamf platform.

One key feature that Jamf released today in Jamf Pro is the ability to enable computer policies to automatically retry a failed policy. This feature is a direct result of that feedback.

With the Retry Policy feature, you can now configure a policy with the execution frequency of “Once per computer” to automatically re-run if it fails. The failed policy will attempt to reinstall until successful for the number of retries specified in the settings.

What’s New:

  • Retry Policies
  • Venafi Integration
  • Cloud Services Connection and Icon Service
  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) HTTP/2 Communication Protocol
  • And more

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